harry dalianMMA fighters are known for their mental strength and composure as much as their graceful footwork in the ring. If you were ever wondering what exactly is going on in their mind, read below for six of the tactics they use to win fights.

1. Permit yourself to win
You must have a real belief that you are going to win and that you are a best. It’s all mental so play a mental game with yourself. Make yourself believe. First, you must believe that you are going to win in order to win. Once your mind believes, visualize yourself winning. These two connected will lead you towards success.

2. Accept losing
To accept losing, does not mean giving up or giving in. In fact, it is the opposite of that. It is recognizing fear and rejecting that fear of failure. You must be able to accept that losing is possible. Do not give fear power over you. If you do lose, you have to remember that tomorrow is a new day and a new day for another fight. Losing a fight is an opportunity to improve and continue to grow.

3. Trust comes from training
Failure is something most do not plan because they fail to plan. We’ve all heard it, but if you want to be great at anything, you have to put in the time and dedication. Then, you can trust yourself, your training, and your hard work to help you complete your goal. Mixed martial arts is a sport that encourages you to completely invest in yourself.

4. Yield to the moment
When you enter into a fight, your mind must be focused while trusting in your training. Don’t stand in your own way and allow yourself to compete how you have envisioned yourself to do. Let yourself go into the motions you have practice for your fight.

5. Remember to remain calm in chaos
Frenetic energy and turmoil may surround you, but you need views yourself as the center of a tornado. Endure and keep calm. Center yourself with confidence and grace.

6. Commit
When it comes to longevity and a lasting career, it comes down to commitment. Commit yourself to a cause and you will reap the benefits. Those who run at the first sign of struggle are never heard of again. If you carry on, you are preparing yourself for greatness.

Info courtesy of sportspsychologycoaching