Rowdy with Rousey

Harry Dalian MMA

A fierce competitor, Ronda Rousey represents one of the strongest presences in MMA. A champion of the octagon, Rousey has faced blackbelts, olympic gold medalists, and professional fighters the world over. This Saturday, though, Bethe Correia of Brazil is prepared to dethrone her. Accepting the challenge, Ronda is set to enter the enemy territory of Rio de Janeiro, and defend her well-earned title.

In a sport comprised solely of vicious combatants, Rousey brings a new energy to the game. Represented by her massive following of cheering crowds and fan support, Rousey is a celebrity that MMA and empowerment enthusiasts enjoy. Affectionately dubbed “The Most Aggressive Woman in Sports,” Rousey is a phenom. Undefeated in her UFC and Mixed Martial Arts career, the bantamweight champion is ferocity incarnate. Conor McGregor, the 27-year-old featherweight champion, when asked if he would tangle with Rousay said “I’d seen her and greeted her with a ‘What’s up Champ?’ and we embraced. I swear on my life her back muscles were the solidest back muscles I’ve felt in my life.”

Unafraid of showing her soft side, Rousey is known for being welcoming and supportive of her fanbase. Whether entertaining requests for group photos and signatures, or scooping up a boy who rushed into her training session for a hug, Ronda Rousey epitomizes the fighting celebrity. Ready to defend her title against any challenger, Bethe Correia included, Rousey meets every challenge with a powerful fist and positive attitude.

The reigning champ and fearless fighter, Ronda Rousey is more than a pair of gloves in the ring, she is an inspiration to thousands around the globe. Answering the call of those looking for a riveting MMA match, and the outcry for a positive and powerful female role model, Ronda Rousey is champion in and out of the ring.