5 Easy DIY Tricks to Transform Your Home

If you too are looking to get the most out of your home and to transform it into a comfortable living space, this list may just have a few tips for you to do all you can do. While you can add some stylish and well practical additions to your home without having to spend the money. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Bookshelf from Household Objects

Harry Dalian, DIY BookshelfIf you were thinking of spicing up your home a little bit and wanted to add some ambiance and organization, try adding a bookshelf. One, you can keep organized with your entire family’s reading, and two, the bookshelf will be a classy addition to your home that also looks good.

If you’re not planning to spend the cash on one, or you don’t want to build the simplistic and boring bookshelf from spare wood, try this cool recipe: chances are you’ll have a step ladder or two. Now with the addition of some spare wood from before, you can have a sweet design that is totally¬†modern. While this shelf can be a man’s man’s mode of storage, you can see the same design used by such celebrities as Ellen Degeneres and her styling counterparts.

Harry Dalian, DIY Mail HolderWindow Shutter Mail Holder

If you have an extra window pane laying around, or have easy access to one, you can make yourself another stylish alternative to this otherwise seemingly useless object. With the natural grooves in a traditional window shutter, you can make a perfect, quant, and modern looking place for people to leave you mail. Just imagine how this looks as opposed to a traditional wooden box.

DIY Shoe Holders

Harry Dalian, DIY Shoe RackWith a little bit of PVC piping, the kind you would use to build a waterway or a house’s plumbing, you can create an easy way to get organized with any extra shoes you may other wise have laying around. Whether they are yours and laying around in your closet with no better place to be, or they are your kids and family’s laying around in the house always ready to make a mess and add to clutter, you can take care of this by creating a little home for each pair. All you’ll need is a circular saw and some work goggles. Take a look at the picture.

Harry Dalian, DIY NightlightDIY Nightlight / Emergency Lighting

With an old headlamp you might have had once for that camping trip you may or may not have ever taken, you can create a brilliant emergency lighting source. If you are currently a father, mother, or ambitious kid, go ahead and make yourself a nightlight by strapping the light to a gallon water jug. You’ll find it nicely lights up the room for a comforting effect.

DIY Bulletin Board / Message Board

Harry Dalian, DIY Bulletin BoardNeed a way to communicate with your family that looks classy and is not costly? You could post one of these behind your front door to instantly communicate with your family and leave a message behind such as the week’s assignment of chores. Try getting a painting frame, size of your choice, and filling it up with used wine corks.

With your new DIY tricks, your friends and family will be impressed with the clever and classy organization you’ve introduced into your home. Don’t forget to share a few tricks with them, and maybe you’ll figure out a few new ones to add!