DIY Project: “Cork” Board

Harry Dalian

This is an interesting project that anyone can do with all the extra wine corks laying around the house. Collect all your wine corks and make your kitchen, work or desk space less cluttered with a nice display board.

Time: 2.5 hours. You’ll need:

Wine corks.
Picture frames (preferably with a nice frame).
Acrylic paint.
Glue gun with sticks.

1. Gather all your requirements.

2. Paint the picture in the picture frame (or background paper) with black acrylic paint.

3. Let dry, place corks horizontally on the surface and position them so they all fit nicely.

4.Take a few corks out at a time so as to not lose the arrangement of the corks on the board.

5. Glue each one individually on one side and place back in it’s spot not he board.

6. Hang the new cork boards on the wall and start pinning things.

Harry Dalian