About MMA

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is a modern phenomenon. Exploding on the scene with a flurry of feet and fists, people were floored by the intense matches and no-holds-barred method of fighting. These modern day gladiators clash in arenas packed with thousands of screaming fans, all eagerly awaiting the fulfillment of one promise. At the end of a match, one man will have his hand in the air, and the other will be face down on the mat. But how did all of this begin? Who rung the bell on what would become a billion-dollar franchise? Two casino moguls from the deserts of Las Vegas can be credited for throwing the first punch, and giving birth to MMA.

The brainchild of Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, MMA started humbly as the UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship. While wandering the crowd on Super Bowl eve, Lorenzo took it upon himself to visit the VIP booths and meet the crowds this new sport was drawing. Much to his surprise, famous names and highrollers packed the boxes, all enjoying the spectacle of two men fighting it out in an octagon lined with chain-link fence. The brutality of the match bringing the audience to their feet in cheers of triumphant glee. Each fighter, bruised beyond recognition by fists wrapped in 5-ounce fingerless gloves, had shown the world that boxing was nothing more than flag-football by comparison.

Though initially decried as human cockfighting, the numbers spoke for themselves. Over 10,000 spectators packed the stadium paying $340 a ticket, while another 500,000 paid upwards of $50 to watch from the comfort of their own home. Nine fights, one night, and $25 million in revenue definitively proved that this sport was a real knockout.

Today, the UFC and MMA as a whole have become an unstoppable machine. With billions of dollars in yearly revenue, and over 250 fighters officially employed by the UFC, there is no shortage of combat or combatants. With pay-per-view purchases neighboring the millions annually, and growing exponentially every year, MMA is here to stay.