Harry Dalian

Harry Dalian - East HamptonHarry Dalian and his family recognize the hardships and triumphs of others in the united states from their own life story becoming a part of it. Harry Dalian and his family know what its like to arrive to a country without enough to support your family, and how hard it is to get on your feet and start something positive.

Harry Dalian Family

Harry Dalian and his family are an extremely close knit family. They have never forgotten those who helped us get through their hard times, how they did it together, and that they would not have been able to do it without them. Even throughout the hardships, it was friendships and the mutual support from others in the same situation of them that made life still good while they were still establishing themselves and finding consistency after their arrival to the United States.

The support of their friends is one giant reason that Harry Dalian and his family, along with a few of the original friends whom experience the same journey with Harry Dalian have started the Ararat Armenian Society.

harry dalian, ararat armenian societyThe Ararat Armenian Society

The Ararat Armenian Society is an organization meant to assist and provide a supportive community to those working hard to adjust and find a productive and sustainable role in their community within the United States.

The Ararat Armenian Society mainly holds fundraisers, the goal of which is to help keep the doors open in churches in the US to those who might need the support and community relationships within them. The Ararat Armenian Society also helps bring individuals together to help build churches across the united states, and around the world wherever it is that they are needed.

Harry Dalian Community Service

harry dalian, araratMore than anything the Ararat Armenian Society’s goal is to help families in need get a foothold in life, to find support and a base with which they can begin their own lives and find self-sufficiency in the United States or otherwise.

Just like the communality and friendships Harry Dalian and his family found when they first moved to the United States, the Aarat Armenian Society sets out its main goal to continue on that support and friendly community, where people may participate, become friends to others in a similar situation, and to help them learn how to become productive members of the community.

Harry Dalian Podcast

You can now listen to Harry Dalian’s original Podcasts on his SoundCloud Profile. To find the podcast, go to Harry’s SoundCloud profile and scroll through his original tracks and uploads. For video content on DIY topics and more, visit Harry Dalian’s Vimeo profile.